Employing highly skilled craftsmen and innovative manufacturing techniques we are able to offer superior quality and high-end features at reasonable price.
Today, every employee owns a stake in our company, and each of us is dedicated to earning your confidence and building on this tradition of excellence.
Working with skilled artisans in our own factory, we create precisely the furniture that our customers desire. Each piece is built and carved by hand and is truly custom made.
*Hand shaping and carving are still an integral part of making furniture at Cussler, using time honored techniques by the highest level of craftsmen.
*English dovetailed, full-sized and hand-fitted drawers always match and glide smoothly. Exotic wood veneers are selected, arranged and applied by hand to achieve stunning patterns.
*Hand-applied, multi-step finishes of the highest quality protect and enhance the beauty of wood furniture. Hand and machine polishing give smooth, clean finishes to highlight the beauty and characterof the wood.

*Careful hand sanding is crucial to a fine finish.
*Final touches such as hand striping and highlighting of carvings give additional emphasis to artistic details.
*Hardware is custom designed to complement each piece.
*We assure high quality by meticulous inspections.
*The most sophisticated customers have valued Cussler craftsmanship for about 40 years.

RENK furniture is limited only by your imagination.


Renk Mobilya

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